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Sephora Haul!

So if you follow me on Instagram (@meghanbaxtermua if you don't) then you'll have seen from my stories that I was lazing around on a beach in Majorca last week. But while I wasn't sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun, I was running around Sephora like a kid at Disneyland. With all things considered, I think I showed admirable restraint and only picked up enough to fill one bag. And as promised on my story, I'm about to take you through what I bought and why.

First up is this this mini Kat Von D lip set, containing a lipstick and liquid lipstick, both in the shade Mother. I've only ever tried the Lock It foundation from Kat's line, but I've been meaning to try out her always hyped about lip products for the longest time. As soon as I walked into Sephora, this little box set caught my eye, so straight into the basket it went. One of my favourite things about Sephora is that they sell mini sets like this, which are totally perfect when you want to try out a handful of new products. I actually can't wait to try out the liquid lipstick!

Speaking of mini sets, I also grabbed this adorable BECCA Glow On The Go highlight duo. This set contains a baby Opal pressed highlight and a liquid version of the same product. I don't know how I've made it this far without trying a single BECCA product, so naturally I couldn't leave the store without these beauties!

With my thirst for mini products still not quenched, I spotted a baby size of the new Galifornia blush by Benefit. I'd seen this blush before in the blogoshpere and fell in love with the gorgeous packaging. I'll admit, I was disappointed that the little size doesn't have the beautiful golden sun pattern pressed into the pan like the full sized versions do, but the peachy blush itself is a gorgeous colour and I was in the mood to treat myself.

My lips and cheeks were sorted, so at this point I figured I might as well seal the deal and grab some complexion products too. That's when I spotted the FENTY Beauty stand. I didn't even have think about this one. I'd been meaning to run out and grab a FENTY foundation since launch day. If you follow me on Twitter (@meghanbaxtermua - yes, this is a second shameless self promo) then you'll have seen my hardcore fangirling over this brand during launch week. I'll be typing up a whole new post on why I'm so obsessed with FENTY so stay tuned.

Because I'm a go big or go home kind of girl, I figured one more complexion product wouldn't do any harm. As I said before, I've tried the KVD Lock It foundation before and loved it, so I threw the concealer in my basket too.

By this time I was starting to wrap things up. I could feel my boyfriend quietly losing the will to live as he reluctantly followed me around the store. That being said, those damn displays Sephora put next to the till always get me. They know what they're doing, that's for sure. A setting spray and a couple of sheet masks might have fallen into my basket amidst the chaos, but eventually I made it out of the store.

If you made it to the end of this post then congrats! I apologise for being painfully behind on posts - life has been keeping me super busy lately. Hopefully we'll be back to scheduled programming now. Thank you for your patience!

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