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Why We Needed The Feather Brow

It's been about a month since the Internet broke with the dawn of the Feather Brow. 
If you've not seen it already, here you go...

The post shows Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen dividing her brow hairs into a feather shape using nothing but a glue stick.
With over 3,500 comments, people were split right down the middle (pun intended). Either they loved it, or they hated it. 

Personally, I think we all needed a little feather in our brows. Or at the very least, we desperately needed something new.
I don't know about you, but my Instagram feed is saturated with Insta Glam. It's a struggle every day to wade through the heavy contours, the cut creases, the winged eyeliner, the false lashes, the over drawn nude lips... need I go on?
Everywhere I turn I see the same makeup. On. Everyone.
When was the last time you saw something truly new?
Originality and Inspiration feels like a thing of the past. Makeup has become a paint by numbers game, and if you're not playing then you're not worth following.

While the Feathered Brow was a short lived 'trend', it felt very much like a commentary on how we treat makeup.
It's interesting how a little glue stick caused so much controversy. How inspiration outraged the masses. 

It's one month on from the Feather Brows, and I'm calling you all to create something totally new.
Tag me on Instagram @meghanbaxtermua - I want to see!

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